"Self-determined, self-reliant, self-confident"



Bilingual TZI personality course (P)

"Self-determined, self-reliant, self-confident" - how do I live, how do we live in an intercultural, trans-religious, post-migrant world in the middle of global change?

Balancing inner needs and external conditions has always been a challenge. The radical pluralization of the world, the profound effects of digitalization and globalization and the intense political ideologies are increasing the demands on each individual.

This 5-day TZI course is an opportunity to approach this subject carefully, as well as to overcome personal prejudice, and to test the concept of self-leadership in a diverse group. By carefully observing our communication with people of different sexes, different generations, languages, religions and cultures, we can more easily reflect our own thoughts and actions, pursue common goals and differences and be an example of positive personal growth. Such an living-learning experience, can help us to live our self-realization and partial power in our private and political everyday lifes.

We take the opportunity of the 30th anniversary of the Ruth Cohn Institute in Austria and the visit of the President of RCI-India Hafiz Mohamad and the newly-graduate Joby Cyriac to offer various opportunities to work together, celebrate and exchange eachother.


What can a young person expect from the course?

  • You can experience yourself in an intense intercultural and trans-religious encounter within a five-day-groupwork 
  • You can become encouraged to analyze your biography on his migrational aspects which are mostly under the cover  
  • You can learn from the migrational experiences of the Jew woman Ruth C. Cohn how she encouraged people against tendencies of "ongoing Hitlerisation" in society

What can she/he learn there?

  • You learn what the attitude and method of Theme-Centered-Interaction founded by Ruth C. Cohn and spread out in the US, Europe and India, means and how it works
  • You learn how to deal with the concept of "Living Learning" within the plurality of our society
  • You learn to act politically 

How will the ws have an impact on their studies/life?

  • "To be your own chairperson" as one of the "postulates of TCI" encourage students in self-decision and self-moderating of the own learning process
  • A "TCI-trained person" becomes more self-confident in studying and acting in general
  • TCI encourages students to find her specific ways of self-realization  



  • Possibility of interfaith interaction and multi cultural living learning which is most relevant for a new order and harmonious world.
  • To know the unknown brothers and sisters of our society for creating a harmonious and secular society.


  • Learn to understand the real religious and cultural personalities and identities from direct interaction.


  • May design and set the goals for future studies/travel/visits with a Global perspective.

  • Possibility to reflect on a youngster's role in today's pluralistic world 
  • Encounter TCI as potent  instrument  to learn, live and to initiate change
  • Enhance learner autonomy and self-regulation

Curriculum vitae of the facilitators


We take the 30th anniversary of the Ruth Cohn Institute Austria and the visit of two Indian graduates as an opprtunity to tackle these and other questions. Feel invited to Vienna, the irst European City to which Ruth Cohn came back:


Joby Cyriac (RCI-India)
Ha z Mohamad (RCI-India)
Wann? Wo?
Kolping Haus Wien Zentral
Donnerstag, 2. November 2017, 16:00 Uhr bis Montag, 6. November 2017, 16:30 Uhr
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